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Winnipesaukee Forge offers a unique suite of handforged drapery finials, rods, brackets, and accessories.  

Because each element is created by our artist-blacksmiths, any length and configuration of drapery rod and finial is possible.

Cut and finished according to your specifications:

FINIAL options:  
     branch, ginkgo, leaf, scroll, spiral, or squiggle
ROD and ROD DIAMETER choices:  
     solid 3/4" 
     tube 1 1/8" 
     tube 1 3/8"
FINISHES available:
     natural steel
     "hammered" black
     "hammered" dark bronze
ACCESSORIES available:
     rod brackets
     drapery rings, single or double
     end caps

How To Order:

call us 603.279.5492 for assistance. Any rod length, your finial preference, your configuration, your way.    

Choose. Specify.  Order

-Choose rod type: solid drapery rods or tubing rod
     For Solid:  specify round or branch style (3/4" diameter only)
     For Tubing:  choose diameter (1 1/8" or 1 3/8").
-Indicate rod length:  to calculate custom rod length, determine bracket placement on window casing or wall.  Measure distance between each bracket's center.
     For 3/4" solid drapery rod:  provide this measurment.
     For 11/8" or 1 3/8" tubing rod:  add 2" to this measurement.
-Choose finial style and select option that matches rod diameter
-Specify rings (rod diameter) and chooose single or double
-Choose bracket quantity and specify measurement of projection from wall or window casing.
-Specify finish.

For additional ordering assistance and custom rod lengths, please call Winnipesaukee Forge Customer Service 603 279 5492
Please contact us with specifiations for quotations on multi window discounts at :   support@irontable.com


                          Rod solid, round, 3/4", "hammered" black finish                  Rod solid, wood grain, 3/4", natural finish 
                        Rod tubing, 1 3/8", "hammered" black finish                         Rod tubing, 1 1/8", "hammered" dark bronze finish 
Rod pricing rounds up to the next linear foot.  For ordering assistance with custom rod lengths, please call Winnipesaukee Forge Customer Service 603 279 5492

Finials, Brackets, Rings:               

Finial, Squiggle, Large
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Finial, Squiggle, Small

Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Rod Brackets
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Rod End-Cap
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Rod Rings, Double
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock
Rod Rings, Single
Price: $0.00
Out of Stock

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